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How Drupal and Open Source are Helping Youth Rise from Poverty in Africa | Drupal Association

The rise of open source, and the skyrocketing popularity of Drupal as a CMS, has made for many very happy developers working in the open source world. But for some people, it isn’t just a hobby or a way to bring home a paycheck: it’s a ticket out of crushing poverty.

For some youth living in informal settlements in Kampala, Uganda, the Kampabits organization has made an incredible difference in their lives. The program takes impoverished young individuals who are unable to access funding or build the necessary skills to find gainful employment, and helps them become web designers and web developers. Drupal is one of the open source platforms they use…

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Drupal-Agentur, Webdesign und Drupalentwicklung undpaul GmbH | Managing obsolete modules

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Filtering and sorting on Webform data in Views (Drupal)

Webform 7-4 has some big improvements, one of which is the ability to access webform submission data through Views and create custom blocks and pages that pull data users have submitted on a form on your site. One snag I ran into was trying to filter and sort these views based on submitted data, but there’s an easy solution. I just had to find it.

Quicksketch reveals: “You have to add a relationship for Webform Data first, then the filters and sorts become available.”

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