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Game Over for Content Farms


Google changes its algorithm on a regular basis, but most changes are so subtle that few notice. This is different. Google says the change impacts 12% (11.8% is the unrounded figure) of its search results in the US , a far higher impact on results than most of its algorithm changes. The change only impacts results in the US. It may be rolled out worldwide in the future.

While Google has come under intense pressure in the past month to act against content farms, the company told me that this change has been in the works since last January.

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    Will be interesting to see how the Demand Media’s and their investors react.
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    In which google gets the upper hand…for the moment
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  10. kl7 said: Someone has to come up with a better model for creating editorial content on the web. One that pays the writers reasonable fees for their work.
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    HackCollege competes with are online degree content farms. They are...worst. But hey, I...
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    I realize this isn’t killing SEO. In fact you could argue it makes more important to be done right, but it still is good...
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    Good. Content scrapers are absolute scum.
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    Perhaps they’ll try to define the move as job-killing overregulation. Apparently that strategy works for some people.
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